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Small Business Valuation

Small Business Valuation is a book for someone that is looking to get an understanding of what differentiates some business valuations from others. Roughly half of the book focuses on business valuation methodology, and the other half focuses on how to recogonize and deal with deception in business valuation.

8 Steps

These 8 steps are to be considered as 8 strategies increase the value of your business. All businesses are worth what someone is willing to pay for them, and the purpose of these strategies is to increase the perceived value among the buyers that are willing to pay the most for your business. Not surprisingly, this is likely to end up being one of your competitors, and therefore 2 of the 8 strategies focus on that. Of the remaining strategies, 4 of them are directly or indirectly related to mitigating the risks of small business ownership. This book also contains a 9th chapter, that brings up common misconceptions and discusses why seller financing is not among the 8 strategies.